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RDi Quick Start Guide

Our RDi Quick Start Guide is designed to help speed your transition from SEU to RDi (Rational Developer for i) so that you can experience the productivity benefits right away.

Whether you're using the latest version of RSE in RDi, RDP or the older WDSC, the Quick Start Guide will help you to get started quickly.

It steps you through the process of installing and configuring RSE, getting the most out of its powerful source editor, exploring your programs with the Outline View, and finding/fixing compile time errors faster than ever without ever opening a compile listing.

Join us in the ranks of RSE fans. You'll wonder how you ever wrote code without it!

Download RSE Quick Start Guide

Feel free to check out the RDi Quick Start Guide and other useful RDi tips.

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Explore SiD's other free downloads related to RDi, RPG, externalizing database processing, SQL, and more!

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Custom Training

As the SiD team or as individuals, Susan Gantner and Jon Paris offer a wide range of custom services to help you leverage key IBM i technologies in your unique environment.

Deep Dive Workshops

Take a giant leap forward in one of today's critical IBM i development skills. These live workshops offer a half day of in-depth learning with practical code examples and handouts to continue using as a reference.

Summit Lunch & Learn

Available free through April 30, 2024, these 75-minute sessions cover technical tips and IBM i development tool demos. Featuring Susan Gantner, Jon Paris, and their ISV guests.