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Technical tips and demos for IBM i developers from May 2024.

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About System i Developer

It was a dark and stormy night . . . No, seriously! The traditional "System i" educational events were struggling with their focus, trying to serve disparate groups and remain profitable. We watched the slow, steady shift away from the heart and soul of all IBM i development and worried about the future of RPG and DB2 education.

We knew we had to do something. So, we and founding member Skip Marchesani gathered like-minded friends who also happen to be experts in RPG, SQL, DB2, ILE, the then RSE/WDSc and PHP — all the acronyms you've come to know and love — to form System i Developer.

With a wide range of knowledge, and our long-standing friendships with insiders at Big Blue, we knew this consortium could offer well-informed, unbiased advice about evolving IBM i development trends.

Our mission is to bring you the very best RPG/DB2-focused education available. We'll help you untangle technological fact from fiction. We'll show you how to make your RPG and DB2 applications as efficient as possible, and get them in shape to quickly accommodate any requirement that comes your way.

Independent knowledge. Practical advice. A community spirit. That's what we have designed System i Developer to bring to you.

Susan Gantner, Jon Paris and Paul Tuohy

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Paul, Susan, Jon

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SiD Services & Events

Custom Training

As the SiD team or as individuals, Susan Gantner and Jon Paris offer a wide range of custom services to help you leverage key IBM i technologies in your unique environment.

Deep Dive Workshops

Take a giant leap forward in one of today's critical IBM i development skills. These live workshops offer a half day of in-depth learning with practical code examples and handouts to continue using as a reference.

Summit Lunch & Learn

Available free through April 30, 2024, these 75-minute sessions cover technical tips and IBM i development tool demos. Featuring Susan Gantner, Jon Paris, and their ISV guests.